Terms & Conditions

All prices quoted are F.O.B Gateway International and are subject to change without notice. Any unshipped orders that may be on hand at time of announced price increases will be processed and invoiced at prices in effect at time of order.

Shipping charges for all purchases are not refundable except as outlined below.

Gateway International is not liable for the loss or damage of goods in transit. All products manufactured &/or distributed by Gateway International will remain the property of Gateway International
Import and Export Company (Canada) Inc. until fully paid for by the purchaser.

Gateway International must be notified of any discrepancies between the packing list and actual shipment contents within 5 working days following the receipt of shipment.

A $5.00 handling fee will be applied against all orders whose total value (excluding freight and taxes) is less than $100.00. Back orders do not apply.

All C.O.D. Orders will be shipped by prepaid expedited post, with charges applied to the customers’ invoice, unless otherwise approved by Gateway International.

Payment by VISA may be arranged at time of placing order. A 3.5% administration fee will be assessed against Customers with credit privileges who may choose to settle their past due invoices by VISA.

Gateway International reserves the right to suspend shipping to any customer who is in credit arrears. A late payment penalty of 1.5% per month will be calculated on all overdue accounts.

Our Return Policy:

All returns must be approved in advance by calling the Gateway Customer Service at 1-888-428-3663 for a
Master Return Authorization (MRA) number. Any returns received by Gateway which do not clearly display this number on both the shipping carton and/or the enclosed packing slip/debit note may be returned to the shipper at their expense.

Cut to order garments are ineligible to be returned for credit.

Garments modified in any manner by the customers/end users and/or by Gateway at the request of the customer (including the use of unique sundries, trims, cresting and/or embroidery) are ineligible for return regardless of reason.

All costs related to garments return are the responsibility of the customer except as outlined below.

Defective Merchandise:

Defective garments may be returned to Gateway International for credit. Customers are requested to call the Gateway Customer Service Department to obtain a MRA number. The customer will then be directed to return the defective garments to Gateway International’s British Columbia Distribution Centre, by regular Parcel Post, for inspection. A credit note will be issued in all cases where authorized returns are verified as defective. Shipping charges related to the return of defective garments will also be reimbursed.

Garments which are not considered to be defective may be returned to the customer at their own expense. In such cases, inbound shipping charges related to the return of these garments will not be reimbursed.
Any repair of new/defective garments that the customer may choose to undertake at their own expense is ineligible for credit/reimbursement unless prior approval is received from Gateway International.

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